The Myth of true love: The “Other Half”

“The offsprings of the moon: Hermaphrodites”

“Love is simply the name for the desire and pursuit of the whole.” -Plato, The symposium

In our lifetime,one day or the other we question ourselves about the true meaning of something the world considers the most beautiful feeling one can experience. Love! Everyone tends to perceive its meaning according to their own percept, intellect and past experiences but for assessing the true nature of love, what we fail to assess is the true human nature.

For understanding the true human nature, one must be aware of the three classifications of Human being. Male and Female are the two existent classifications but long ago there existed a third type, “The androgynous”. These androgynous were the strongest of all the above classes. They had four hands and as many legs as hands, was completely round with back and sides in a circle, had two sets of sexual organs, two exactly alike faces on a rounded neck. The ‘male’ was considered the offspring of the Sun, the ‘female’ was considered the offspring of the Earth and the ‘androgynous’ were considered the offsprings of the Moon;just the way Moon is a part of both.

As mentioned earlier, they were spherical and so was their motion.These extremely unique and strong creatures once ruled the Earth. In power and strength, they were monstrous and hence had massive ambitions which became the reason for their extinction. They became so ambitious that they attempted to attack gods with their monstrous strength. This attempt dissatisfied the gods and hence ‘Zeus’ and other Greek gods met in a council and came to a terrible consensus. Zeus ordered to cut them in half through which their strength got reduced to half. Even the gods came to another consensus, they decided if they still chose to adhere to the same amount of ambitions then again they’d be cut into another halves, leaving them with one leg and one hand as a form of punishment.

So, Apollo was given the task to carry out this brutal punishment. Apollo cut the ‘androgynous’ into two halves and moulded the body of humans as we see today but left wrinkles on our belly just as a reminder of the punishment. But the harshness of the punishment was too much to endure. So,Zeus took pity on them and ordered the relocation of their genitals enabling the process of reproduction. Just after this incident the ‘halves’ became anxious to achieve their ‘whole’. They began thriving to achieve their “whole ness”. This anxious thrive for the achievement of the whole is what we consider as “Love”, this pursuit for the ‘other half’ is what we call “ True Love”. We feel complete when we embrace our ‘Other half’.

In our society, there are factions of people who still consider homosexuality a result of distorted or deluded mentality. There are religions which still consider ‘homosexuality’ a sin. It is important to know that the concept of union with the other half (or true love) is not necessarily the union of the opposites. Some of these hermaphrodites or androgynous kinds shared its other half with the similars instead of the opposites. These are the people who takes no interest in the opposite gender. So, these people comes under the class of ‘Homosexuals’. Even in this progressive era, I’ve seen people looking down at the homosexuals disgracing them and considering them less masculine or manly but little do they know that these men who thrives for the embrace of another men are the most manly of all. They are more masculine or manly than the lecherous men who runs after women. These are the men who tend to cherish what is like them! These are the men who has the purest form of love as they are brave and bold enough to go against the predetermined social norms of marriage and producing legitimate offsprings. They tend to find satisfaction in living their lives unmarried and always rejoicing and embracing its own kind.
So, be it homosexuals or heterosexuals, whatever the orientation might be, we all find our love and belongingness in our “other half”. When we meet them, something special and unique happens and we get struck by the feeling, the feeling this world considers the best and purest of all; Love, and finally our pursuit ends, leaving us with a feeling of eternal joy and completeness.

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