Diotima’s dialogue with Socrates

“Love’s purpose is physical and mental procreation in an attractive medium.” – Diotima, Socrates’s speech When we talk about ‘true love’, we often try to constrict it to absoluteness. Here’s the situation where Diotima’s perspective about ‘true love’ becomes significant as she initiates the dialogue with Socrates. She gets extremely annoyed by the narrow interpretationContinue reading “Diotima’s dialogue with Socrates”

Pausanias’s Paradoxes of Love

“Love looks after the good and overlooks the bad”- Agathon, The Symposium In the symposium, while everyone is arguing about the totality and relativity in the concept of love, Pausanias (an erastês) brings out the paradoxes involved in the concept of love. There are considerable amount of paradoxes which are proposed by Pausanias that makesContinue reading “Pausanias’s Paradoxes of Love”

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